Nicki Minaj Still Plans To Attend The 2023 Grammys, Despite The ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Controversy

Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj shared some thoughts online after it was revealed that her No. 1 single “Super Freaky Girl” wouldn’t be considered for nominations in the rap categories, but rather, in the pop categories. Despite her shock, Minaj revealed to E! News that she is still looking forward to next year’s ceremony.

When asked if she would attend the Grammys if she were nominated, Minaj responded, “Yeah, why not? I’m not a coward.”

“I feel like I am in a really good space and therefore, why not?” she continued. “Why not put on a beautiful dress and cover my big boobs and show off my big old butt. Why not go and flaunt it?”

Upon receiving the news that “Super Freaky Girl” would be considered in the pop categories, she took to Twitter insisting that she wasn’t upset, but that it would only be fair if Latto’s “Big Energy” was also moved to the pop categories. The two rappers engaged in a heated exchange of words via Twitter, however, Minaj insists that she is not angry — with the Recording Academy, at least.

“I think sometimes people think that I’m more ‘angry’ than I am,” she said. “I could be heated about something right now or this second and five minutes from now, I’ll forget about what I just spoke about.”

The 2023 Grammy Nominations are set to be announced on November 15.