Joey Badass Tried To Defend Kanye West’s ‘Freedom Of Speech,’ But He Quickly Regretted It

Joey Badass quickly found himself in hot water after defending Kanye’s recent antics that got him barred from social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Despite the Brooklyn rapper noting he doesn’t agree with all of Kanye’s recent statements and has been trying to ignore all the controversy, he called out the mass media and accused them of censoring Kanye, calling the move “wack.”

“I don’t support everything Kanye been saying and honestly been trying my best to ignore most of it (for my own peace of mind) but censoring his right to freedom of speech is WACK,” he tweeted. “Askin him to come speak on your platform and then removing/blocking the content cuz you don’t agree?”

“We can have healthy disagreements. And yes, Kanye can do a much better job at his delivery but it’s the same old story,” he continued. “Magnifying a small piece of what he said and taking it out of context. The mass media needs to learn some new moves it’s corny and so obvious at this point.”

The rapper was immediately met with backlash, calling the internet an “unsafe place.” In subsequent tweets, Joey seemed to laugh the discourse off and said he had no plans of deleting the tweets he had written earlier.

Since then, the rapper has seemingly gone ghost on social media and made no more statements regarding West.