Nicki Minaj Earns Herself Multiple ‘This You?’ Replies From Fans During Her Twitter Beef With Latto

After getting into it with Latto on Twitter over her supposed shade of the younger rapper, Nicki Minaj has found herself being confronted by her own old tweets and upstart behavior at the outset of her career. Fans took some of Nicki’s responses to Latto and turned them around on her, reminding her of her own missteps and transgressions — especially the ones that seemed to contradict her defenses of herself.

One fan resurrected an old Nicki tweet that read “Y’all don’t feel corny when you post a private dm or text someone sent you?” after Nicki did just that to deny Latto’s claims that she tried to resolve the issue out of the public eye. “Also Nicki Minaj once said this,” the fan (a Cardi stan, it should be noted) wrote. “I guess she’s corny for showing the world a private dm between her a Latto. She’s acting like an entitled, spoiled brat over a Grammy submission.”

In another tweet, a fan took issue with Nicki characterizing Latto as “a Karen” (a tasteless shot at Latto’s biracial heritage, for which the younger rapper has been critiqued in the past) after “bullying” another performer in defense of her “Boyz” collaborator Jesy Nelson of Little Mix, who was accused of “blackfishing” over her general presentation.

Meanwhile, good old @DearBelcalis pointed out another discrepancy in Nicki’s defense when she flamed Latto for saying she was older than her mother (i.e. too old to be throwing a tantrum on Twitter over her Grammy Award category). “Age shaming when you look like YOU the one pushing 40,” she sneered at Latto. “Am I having a fever dream?” wondered @DearBelcalis. “Nicki Minaj crying about age shaming like she didn’t do that to Lil Kim? Everything she did to Kim coming back to her 10 fold.”

Finally, in a truly low blow, another fan resurfaced an old Nicki Minaj tweet declaring “people who abuse children should be stoned to death in public,” replying, “This you mama???” The implication, of course, was obvious. Nicki has been associated with abuse for the past few years after her brother was found guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child in 2017, receiving a 25-year sentence in 2020. It doesn’t help that her husband, Kenneth Petty, is on the sex offenders’ registry and was recently sentenced to a year of house arrest for failing to update his address. Nicki was accused of helping him to harass his 1995 rape victim to change her testimony and faces a lawsuit.

Whether Nicki is right or wrong in her comparisons to Latto, she’s seeing some of her past words boomerang right around to hit her in the face. Will it make her a little less catty in the future? The signs point to “no,” but with so many female rappers flourishing these days, the good news is there are plenty of options for fans of women rapping to listen to.