PnB Rock’s Girlfriend Says He Saved Her Life In Her First Public Statement Since His Death

In the days immediately following PnB Rock’s murder earlier this year, his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang, who was with him when he was shot to death at a Roscoe’s House Of Chicken N Waffles restaurant in Los Angeles, became the focal point of a fierce debate about whether or not her social media played a role in his death. The Philadelphia rapper’s supporters wondered whether her post showing their location gave his killers the chance to carry out the attempted robbery that led to the shooting — a theory that was seemingly corroborated by police reports.

Now, a month later, Sibounheuang has made her first public statement since his death, writing on Instagram that she believed PnB Rock’s actions “saved my life” while recounting both the chaotic events of that day and the emotional aftermath. “I am 100% not ok,” she wrote.

The truly heartbreaking part of all this is that, after multiple arrests were made, police revised their working theory, determining that the crime was merely one of opportunity. A passerby had informed the suspected killers that PnB Rock was dining at the restaurant wearing a lot of jewelry and they simply decided that they could get rich quick.

You can read the full statement below.