Young Thug Seemingly Tells Lil Baby To Push Up His Album Release Or Else

Lil Baby’s third studio album, It’s Only Me, is due this week, but one of his biggest fans — you might even say the biggest fan — apparently can’t wait that long. Young Thug, who somehow seemingly still has access to his Twitter account, logged in to tell his young beneficiary to push the album’s release up a day or face some stiff consequences.

“Wham if you don’t drop in 3 days we ain’t bruddas,” he wrote. Now, he’s probably joking; after all, he once paid Baby six figures to actually give rap a go and leave the streets alone, so he likely isn’t throwing that all away over a week’s wait. To be sure, he has nothing but time on his hands, given his current circumstances, but maybe that’s why he’s so impatient, to begin with. Incidentally, he’s actually on the album, along with Future, Nardo Wick, and Rylo Rodriguez.

Either way, it’s sort of funny — in a graveyard humor kind of way — to picture Thug turning into a regular stan on Twitter from the sheer boredom of being locked up awaiting his trial for racketeering in January. If he was out, he’d probably already have heard the album but now, he’s just like the rest of us, waiting on pins and needles for the project to drop. And who knows? Since it’s the wish of an incarcerated man, maybe someone at Universal can pull some strings.

If Lil Baby doesn’t push the album up, it’ll drop on 10/14 through Quality Control Music and UMG.