A Stage Crasher Managed To Twirl An Unfazed Megan Thee Stallion Before Being Promptly Removed

There was an unusual moment involving a fan at a recent Megan Thee Stallion performance: Videos circulating on social media show the concert attendee crashing Megan’s set mid-performance, which ultimately led to security officials intervening and removing the fan from the stage. Before they did, though, the fan confidently strode to Megan, grabbed her hand, raised it, and initiated a spin, which Meg didn’t seem to mind.

To date, Megan has not acknowledged the incident. The moment was caught amid coverage of TwitchCon 2022, where Megan warmly welcomed a different guest, the Master Chief character from the Halo franchise, to the stage.

Aside from this, Meg has been quite busy — from being slated for a run of international dates before closing out her 2022 schedule in Los Angeles to appearing on Saturday Night Live later this week (October 15) and doubling as the show’s musical guest for the night. This marks her second appearance on the popular show since 2020, where she performed and Chris Rock hosted.

The Texas native encouraged all her “hotties” to tune into her upcoming performance after announcing it in a tweet last month, writing, “OCT 15 THEE HOT GIRL COACH IS HOSTING AND PERFORMING ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE TUNE IN ALL HOTTIES.”