Rihanna Speaks About A Potential Super Bowl Halftime Guest And How She’s Feeling About The Big Show

About a week ago, it was officially confirmed that Rihanna will be performing the Super Bowl LVII halftime show in 2023 (despite reports immediately before that Taylor Swift was going to do it). Since then, fans have been discussing what songs Rihanna should perform during her time on the field, and another topic of discussion is what special guests Rihanna should include in her performance. Now, Rihanna has addressed that, as well as her nerves going into it.

A TMZ cameraperson spotted Rihanna yesterday (October 4) afternoon at the end of a shopping trip and asked her how she’s feeling about the big show. Rihanna responded, “I’m nervous! But I’m excited.”

She was then asked who her special guest for the performance would be, and she just shrugged. Rihanna was pressed further, with the cameraperson asking if “maybe” it would be ASAP Rocky, and Rihanna replied, “Maybe, girl.” Based on the fact Rihanna was approaching her car and seemingly looking to get out of the conversation, though, it seems likely she just gave the cameraperson a “maybe” to get them off her back, instead of her answer truly reflecting what’s being planned for the performance.

After Rihanna was confirmed to do the show, she got some advice from one of this year’s performers, Dr. Dre, who said, “Put the right people around you and have fun. That’s basically what it is, making sure you have the right creative people around you. She might want to look into some of the people that we used to do our show.”