Do Taylor Swift And Drake Have A Song On The Way?

In a move that can only now be described as “Swift-ian,” Taylor Swift has been re-recording her first six albums. Her shrewd attempt to maneuver around the fact that Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, bought all of her masters (without Swift’s knowledge) and then sold them to the highest bidders, has yielded two (Taylor’s Version) editions of albums in Red and Fearless. Now as Swift is getting to work on the Reputation (Taylor’s Version) recording, she has allegedly released a collaboration track with Drake and it’s especially juicy.

Do Taylor Swift And Drake Have A Song On The Way?

But Drake and Taylor Swift recording a song together? Could this be true? According to The Sun, Swift has dug into her vault of recordings as she prepares to release Reputation (Taylor’s Version) next year, following the release of Midnight this October 21st. One of the track’s from the vault, is reportedly a collaboration with Drake that was left off of Reputation, as Swift didn’t want to fuel the fire of her beef at the time with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — following Kanye’s “I made that b*tch fmous” lyric. Drake and Kanye had a notoriously tepid relationship as well and this factored into the decision to hold off back then. But this new song could be on the way as The Sun quotes a “music insider” with direct knowledge of the situation:

“Taylor has pivoted her focus to re-recording Reputation and she has come across this song she made with Drake, which never saw the light of day. She knows that everyone is going to think it is about Kimye because it was her row with them which inspired a lot of Reputation. But this one is far more direct than the other songs, which was why they didn’t decide to release it in the first place. It’s no secret that both Taylor and Drake have had tumultuous relationships with Kanye, so they didn’t hold back when it came to recording. Obviously she is totally over the whole thing now but this is one which fans will want to hear.”

Time will tell if a collaboration song from Drake and Taylor Swift ever comes to fruition, but this seems like a pretty juicy one if it does drop.