Trippie Redd Mourns A Lost Love On His New Song, ‘Save Me, Please’

Trippie Redd is gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, A Love Letter To You 5. Tonight, he has shared the visual for his new song, “Save Me, Please.” On the lush, guitar-driven track, Trippie grieves a lost love and expresses willingness to change.

“I’m tired of the fighting / I’m tired of the crying / Please, please come back in my arms / Oh, I’m tired of trying / I’m tired of dying / Please, please save me from myself,” he sings on the song’s chorus.

Back in August, Trippie teased A Love Letter To You 5 in an interview with Montreality, and revealed that it will be the last installment in the series, and will feature more of Trippie’s signature sound.

A Love Letter to You 5 is gonna be, if not the best body of music I’ve ever did, one of them. For sure,” he said. “This is the last one. This the last A Love Letter to You so…I done put my all into it. I’ve been working on this for like, three to four years. Dropping projects, but still having music tucked to the side for this project.”

He continued, saying, “Nothing is experimental. I’m not trying to be experimental with this project. I’m really just tryin’ to, you know, just drop straight Trippie Redd hits. That being said, every song on here gotta go crazy ’cause if it don’t, then f*ck me.”

Check out “Save Me, Please” above.