Post Malone: ‘I Watch Literally Every Episode Of ‘Modern Family’ Every Single Day’ On Tour

Of all the shows available to binge-watch, Modern Family is one of the best. The show has won and been nominated for dozens of awards, it enjoyed a 250-episode run, and it’s streaming on Hulu. It turns out the ABC comedy is Post Malone’s binge show of choice for chilling out on tour.

In a new GQ interview, Malone was asked how he relaxes on the road and he said:

“I watch literally every episode of Modern Family every single day. Every day, I start on season one, episode one, and then by the time I go to bed… Because I just leave it on as background noise, as well, whenever I’m not even deliberately watching. But by the time I fall asleep, I’m done with season eight already. I’m like, ‘Where does the time go?’ I don’t understand.”

Posty’s passion for the Dunphy’s et al. is endearing, but his claim is hard to believe.

As aforementioned, Modern Family ran for 250 episodes, and at an average length of 22 minutes per episode, that’s 5,500 total minutes, or over 91 hours, across the whole series. One day here on Earth, as you may have heard, is 24 hours (pretty much, anyway). As for Malone’s claim that he’s “done with season eight” by the time he falls asleep, that too is not likely. There are 188 episodes in the show’s first eight seasons, which run for about 4,136 minutes, or about 69 hours. So, while that’s nice, it sure doesn’t seem possible (assuming that Malone lacks the ability to control the flow of time).

However, there are actually ways Malone could actually watch the whole show in a waking day; let’s call it 14 hours, assuming 8 hours of sleep. If he watched the show at 7-times speed, he could knock it out in around 13 hours. Alternately, he could just watch 7 episodes at once and breeze through the series that way. There’s also the possibility that Malone has a different idea of what he considers a “day” to be. On Venus, for example, a day lasts for 5,832 hours.

So, to answer Malone’s question (“Where does the time go?”), it’s really hard to say.