Cordae Compares His Harsh Past To His Present Success In The Moody ‘Unacceptable’ Video

Cordae is probably best known for his multisyllabic, punchline-packed battle raps. Still, on one of his latest singles, “Unacceptable,” he switches his style, adopting a more melodic style that should be familiar to fans of his contemporaries like Lil Durk and Roddy Ricch. Now, the video for the single has arrived, finding Cordae reflecting on lost friends and degraded relationships as he roams a cemetery. Interspersed between these melancholy shots are clips from his tour as he hangs out backstage and embraces the hectic schedule that comes with chasing rap dreams.

The video’s effect is a poignant juxtaposition between the perception of money and fame that comes from being a star recording artist and the reality that many acts face behind the scenes. Although we may see them as inscrutable larger-than-life figures who are beyond the struggles of everyday life, in reality, they’re just people who have past traumas to sort through — they just have to do so in the public eye.

“Unacceptable” was released last month alongside “So With It,” just months after Cordae dropped his second album, From A Bird’s Eye View. The Maryland rapper has been teasing a new mixtape in recent weeks, as well as putting out the single “Checkmate” from the Madden NFL 23 soundtrack. The growth and versatility he’s shown over the past few months has been impressive considering he’s only a few months removed from his sophomore album, but that’s Cordae… always looking forward to the next thing.

Watch Cordae’s “Unacceptable” video above.