Brent Faiyaz Seems To Only Makes Things Worse In His Tense Video For ‘All Mine’

The leader of the new school and R&B’s favorite “toxic” king, Brent Faiyaz is back with another video for “All Mine” from his latest album Wasteland. “Toxic” is a term Faiyaz is hesitant to claim and beliefs have been placed on him by the internet as a response to living his life and sharing his seemingly distasteful relationship takes with the world. Call it toxic if you will, but to the F*ck The World crooner it’s simply “some real sh*t.”

Continuing the black and white visual theme with “Loose Change,” Faiyaz also fuels the less than favorable depiction of a romantic partner as he has his main lady, played by model Joan Smalls waiting on him at dinner while he gallivants through the city. Admittedly, Faiyaz knows that “[he’s] been the worst/ but [he’ll] love you better/ if you let [him],” as the song lyrics go.

Yet, as the poetic lyrics progress, he is adamant that if you (or Smalls) are willing to ” catch a flight/ change the weather/ [he] promises forever.” At this point Smalls is alternating between the var and her table at a lavish restaurant, crying in and out of the restroom and profusely checking her phone. As you can imagine, everything that occurs afterwards is all bad.

Watch the chaos unfold in the “All Mine” video above.