‘Black Ink Crew New York’ to Explore Post-Ceasar Era in New Season Set for Oct. 18

VH1’s Black Ink Crew New York will premiere its historic tenth season on Tuesday, October 18, at 8 PM ET/PT.

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The Black Ink Crew New York team has demonstrated its ability to withstand any storm for the last nine seasons. The group will eventually face a reckoning that they never saw coming. They will need to learn how to adapt to a post-Ceaser world as they approach this new season, prepared to celebrate their victories and leave their losses behind.

In the forthcoming season, Puma approaches his forties and juggles his roles as a successful businessman, a husband to his wife Quani, and a father to his two kids. Even though he may be apprehensive of what his forties have in store for him, he is eager to let go and take charge of this brand-new decade of life.


Young Bae re-connects with herself as a mother, a woman, and an artist this season. She continues to develop into the woman she aspires to be while assuming the new responsibility of serving as a mentor at the shop.

Since putting a lot of effort into his acting and music careers, Ted has started to neglect his personal life. As he rekindles his relationship with his long-lost family, Ted begins to focus on his life outside of Black Ink.

Tatti decides to accept an apprentice position in the hopes that it will help her advance her artistic abilities after battling a federal court battle and working to prove herself during the previous season.

Being newly single, Alex is experiencing a sense of rebirth and is no longer allowing anything or anybody to hold him back in his life’s path. He is also enjoying the status of sex icon that his followers have bestowed upon him.

Spyder, who calls himself “Black Ink” royalty, is back and better than ever. He is refocusing on health, money, and legacy for himself and his family after dealing with a severe health crisis last year.

You can see the trailer below.