Lil Wayne And Nelly Got Endearingly Confused As They Tried To Host An Instagram Live Chat

As an elder millennial, there is perhaps no starker reminder of the inexorable passage of time than watching the icons of my youth struggle with new technology — especially when that technology has been around for kind of a while. Still, it was pretty amusing for 2000s-era rap fans to watch Lil Wayne and Nelly, two of that decade’s biggest hitmakers getting endearingly confused as they tried to host an Instagram Live chat.

As the two rap titans catch up, Wayne notices the comments rising up from the bottom of the screen and wonders “that’s people saying stuff to me?” Nelly’s confirmation probably isn’t very enlightening, as he remarked, “Yeah, we both on here, they talking to us… they said ‘y’all good,’” he read. Wayne’s next question is a little more pressing: “Can we smoke on here?” “I am!” Nelly enthuses. “Why is everything sparkling on you?” Wayne chuckles, apparently unaware that the app allows users to add filter effects during chats. Nelly finally openly admits, “Ay man, I just told you, I don’t know what the f*ck I’m doing!” The conversation then turns to fantasy football, with Wayne lamenting the outlook for his team. It could be worse, though; Nelly’s last online snafu was a bit more risque, and Wayne’s always been a little out of touch.

Fans on Twitter were amused by the snippet, cackling over the fact that the two rappers have apparently reached the age when relatively common devices are as mystifying as arcane texts (Nelly is 47, Wayne is 39). As one user put it, “They grew up in a different generation so I can’t even clown.” And I thank you for that, user. Leave us to our Boost Mobile Sidekicks and Motorola two-way pagers, while you check out some of the responses below.