Lil Nas X Is Hilariously On Board With Christian Protestors Outside Of His Boston Concert

Lil Nas X launched his career with the relatively clean hit single “Old Town Road,” although the tune had kids around the world rapping about lean, boobies, and adultery for a solid few months. Since then, though, the rapper has embraced an edgier image, which has rubbed more conservative-minded folks the wrong way. A handful of them were seemingly speaking out about that outside of Nas’ Boston concert over the weekend, on Sunday, September 18.

A fan account for the rapper shared a video of a handful of people holding Christian-themed signs, with one of them speaking about related topics into a microphone, outside of Fenway Park, the concert venue. While the protestors didn’t seem to directly address Nas, the timing and topic of their message — as well as the location, in front of the Ipswich Street Garage near where fans were lining up to get into the show — all but confirms they were there in opposition of the rapper.

Nas was actually appreciative of this, though, as he shared the video and tweeted, “just told my team to send them pizza, this is really good promo!”

Fans shared additional photos and videos of the protestors, so find some of those below.