Vic Mensa Gives Away $10,000 Worth Of Gas Money In Chicago

As gasoline prices continue to rise, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa aims to give back to his hometown. In conjunction with the launch of his cannabis company, 93 Boyz, Mensa visited a BP gas station in Chicago and gave away $10,000 worth of gas over labor day weekend, TMZ reports.

The donation of $10,000 filled up over 200 cars, and was particularly timely for a woman who arrived at the gas station with only $5 to her name. She had come to the gas station in hopes that the $5 would get her enough gas to take her granddaughter to work.

“I don’t know how I’ma get gas to take you to work,” said the woman in a video. “We have $5 on the car then you all came. Ain’t nothing but God and blessings. I just want to say thank you, that’s all, okay.”

Mensa responded to the woman, saying, “God bless you. We appreciate you. 93 Boyz got you.”

In addition to free gas, Mensa also reportedly gave out free samples of his 93 Boyz products. The recreational consumption, possession, and sale of cannabis products was legalized in Chicago in 2020. 93 Boyz launched this year as Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand.

According to the official 93 Boyz website, the cannabis company operates on “a core mission focused on giving back to the community.”