Kid Cudi’s Album ‘Entergalactic’ Apparently Leaks With Fart Sounds Throughout The Tracks

A little less than two weeks until the release of Kid Cudi‘s upcoming album and Netflix animated series, Entergalactic, the audio portion of the album has appeared to leak online. Though Uproxx has not heard the alleged leaks of the album, fans immediately caught wind of the tracks and noticed a certain surprise.

Evidently, the tracks contain fart noises throughout.

The tracks appear to have been removed from Twitter and YouTube, however, fans were quick to address the flatulent sounds, and also to point fingers at Kanye West and Mike Dean.

“F*ck you for leaking #Entergalactic,” said one Twitter user. “@KidCudi put his heart and soul and multiple years into this project and some petty f*ckers who can’t hop off Kanye and Mike Dean’s d*ck leak it weeks before release with fart noises all over it? Grow the f*ck [up], [you’re] the reason society sucks.”

Another Twitter user accused Dean of leaking the album, saying, “I used to think @therealmikedean was cool until I realized he’s just an old weirdo that spreads Twitter hate and acts like a childish school bully lmao. Mf leaked [Cudi’s] album cus he didn’t make the cut of the tour, sh*ts immature and weird to me, especially for a dude that’s like 70.”

Dean has since denied the accusations, and responded to fans using middle finger and poop emojis.

Entergalactic is out 9/30 via Republic, and the accompanying animated series will premiere on Netflix the same day. You can pre-save the album here.