Kanye West Admits To Never Reading ‘Any Book’ And Likens It To Eating Brussels Sprouts

Here we go again y’all: Kanye West is everywhere. After appearing on MSNBC to discuss how leaving Gap has affected the company’s stock and insinuating that he is the, “One individual in the world who could save the Gap,” he wasted no time in announcing that he’s opening a private Christian school called Donda Academy — one where parents have to reportedly sign NDAs. Talk about a scholarly week for Mr. West! But then, in a wholly unpredictable, but also obviously predictable, Ye admitted in a podcast interview that he’s actually never read a book before and said that it’s about as icky to him as, “Eating Brussels sprouts.”

On the latest episode of the yoga-centric fitness apparel company ALO Yoga’s podcast, Ye sat down with company CEO Danny Harris and host Alyson Wilson for a discussion about building lasting brands. Harris welcomed Ye to the show by saying, “I am so inspired by you, the inspiration you’ve had in Alo…your street sense and your street vibe.” Harris was smitten by Ye and how Alo’s, “Manufacturing, excellence and efficiencies,” were inspiring him. It was all a bit hokey from the get-go and Kanye wasted no time in being extremely forthcoming.

When Harris started talking about a conversation he had with Ye about a book he told the rapper he’d read 100 times, saying how Ye, “Embodies every positive attribute from this book,” Ye interjected to say: “I actually haven’t read any book. Reading is like Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.” Uhhhh…ok? Perhaps this provides some insight into the friction that caused West to sever ties with the Gap claiming that they violated their contract?

Ye went on to cite an example of a conversation he had with Mike Howe, the inventor of the ripsaw military tank, and how he admitted to only reading the first and last sentence of lengthy texts from his mother. Somehow, this anecdote validated West’s quest to never read a book. But it now begs the question: Did Kanye only read the first and last sentence of his contract with Gap?

Watch the podcast episode below, with the conversation about reading and Brussels sprouts happening at the very top.