YG Says He ‘Wasted’ Half A Million Dollars On His ‘Run’ Video

YG has taken Nipsey Hussle’s advice from “Last Time That I Checc’d” and run with it, taking control of his music and career as he comes up on his final album under his Def Jam contract, I Got Issues. He’s going out with a bang, too, blowing the budget on singles like “Toxic,” “Alone,” and “Run” — especially the latter, as he told HipHopDX during a recent listening session for the album in Los Angeles.

“I waste a lot of money on videos,” he said. In fact, for “Run” he admitted he spent, “like, half a million out of my own pocket. And I’m mad because I thought the song was gonna be this crazy hit, and it’s not. I wasted my money.” He said there was a consolation though: “They say millionaires invest hundreds of thousands into themselves and billionaires invest millions into themselves,” he reflected. “I’m at the point where I’m investing millions into myself, so I should be a billionaire one of these days.”

Like the man said, “‘Scared Money‘ don’t make no money.” Should his investment in himself pay off the way he expects we might just be looking back and marveling at his foresight.

I Got Issues is out 9/30 via Def Jam.