Dionne Warwick Is Getting In On The Leonardo DiCaprio ’25 Year Rule’ Jokes, Too

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the last great movie stars, but lately he’s been primarily known for something else: His relentless obsession with very young girlfriends. To take one from David Wooderson, he gets older, they stay the same age, although the star of Blood Diamond likes them a bit older than McConaughey’s character did. His cut-off appears to be 25. He’s now 47. And hot on the heels of yet another DiCaprio love life joke at this year’s Emmys, here’s one from a legend of both music and psychic infomercials.

Dionne Warwick — who’s had a late career resurgence as an excellent Twitterer — took to social media Tuesday to drop her contribution to DiCaprio discourse. “I just heard about Leonardo DiCaprio’s 25 year rule,” wrote the top shelf Burt Bacharach cover artist. “His loss. You don’t know what you’re missing.”

The reason people keep talking about DiCaprio’s dating history? Late last month, he had yet another romantic split with yet another 20-something. Camilla Monroe, whom the actor dated starting when she was 21, had just turned 25 when he called it quits. Amidst an avalanche of jokes — which in the past DiCaprio himself has seemed to find funny — Monroe added her own, albeit with a bit more of an edge to it. And now she has one of the top-selling female artists of all time on his back. But we’ll bet dollars to donuts that it won’t be long before he finds someone who was born after Titanic was released.

(Via The Daily Beast)