Snoop Dogg Is Being Turned Into A Full Funko Pop Collection Featuring His Most Iconic Looks

Funko, that toy company best-known for its line of cartoony, big-headed vinyl figurines, has become truly ubiquitous in recent years, thanks to its uncanny ability to license basically every likeness known to pop culture.

And while the bulk of the attention those Funko Pop! statues get focuses on the ones for sci-fi and geek culture mainstays like Rick And Morty, Squid Games, Star Wars, and Marvel, Funko appears to be doing some tidy business in branching out to hip-hop icons as well. In the past, such familiar faces as Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur have been turned into Pops, and now, they’ll be joined by a rapper who is every bit as omnipresent as Pops are: Snoop Dogg.

As with all things Snoop, Funko is really blowing it out, releasing a full collection of Snoop Dogg looks. There’s Snoop dressed as a pimp and in his guise as a friendly neighborhood rapper, complete with afro and checkered shirt. There’s one with Snoop in his beloved Lakers jersey and another in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey that I have to believe wouldn’t possibly have been approved if Funko management knew what it really represented (there’s a “20” on it, for crying out loud). There’s even a normal-proportioned Vinyl GOLD figurine if the Pops are too cutesy for the fanbase.

But the best one is the Pop! Album figure for Doggystyle. The Pendleton. Those braids. That’s classic Snoop and is almost certainly the one going on the desk at work. You can check them all out here.