Jimmy Fallon Is Keeping His 2022 VMAs Beard But Not Because People Think He’s ‘So Hot Right Now’

At the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards a couple weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon was on hand to present Harry Styles the Album Of The Year award for Harry’s House. He ended up causing quite the stir by showing up with a new beard, which plenty of folks online found attractive. Later, Fallon acknowledged the ‘thirst’ and ‘confusion’ his VMAs appearance was causing on the internet.

Since then, he’s been back to hosting The Tonight Show and he still has the beard. Last night (September 12), Drew Barrymore guested on the program and she and Fallon have a strong rapport, considering they co-starred in Fever Pitch once upon a time and that Barrymore co-founded production company Flower Films with Fallon’s wife, producer Nancy Juvonen. So, she wasn’t shy about opening the interview by having some fun with Fallon’s look.

Fallon started by telling Barrymore that she looked good and Barrymore responded by exclaiming about how Fallon kept his beard. Barrymore then teased, “You love it because everybody’s saying you’re so hot right now. You love it and now you don’t want to lose it.” As Barrymore spoke and the audience cheered, Fallon bashfully laughed and said, “No, that’s not why I love it.”

After talking about it some more, Fallon offered an explanation (but not really) for why the beard has stuck around, saying, “I figured, I’m just going to keep it on. I have nothing… I figured… I don’t know why, I’m just going to leave it on…”

Check out Barrymore’s interview with Fallon above.