Drakeo The Ruler’s Alleged Landlord Is Attempting To Collect Over $100,000 In Back Rent

Although Drakeo The Landlord was killed in December 2021 at his own show, a man claiming to be his former landlord is attempting to collect back rent from his estate.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, a landlord named Oliver Omidvar says he rented the home to Drakeo back in June of 2021. Payments for rent stopped coming into Omidvar in January 2022, a month after Drakeo’s death, however, Omidvar is still demanding $104,542.60 in back rent and alleged damages.

The lawsuit claims that the property was left with damage to electronics, skylights, and windows. Additionally, thousands of dollars were allegedly spent fixing plumbing and drywall, and adding new coats of paint on the walls.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Drakeo’s mother, Darrylene Corniel, revealed she plans to sue Live Nation for the wrongful death of her son.

“They let all these people in, and you’re not supposed to have all these people backstage. And your security is supposed to be in place,” Corniel said. “The whole program should have been orchestrated a lot better than what it was. And there should have been more protection. Even if you have metal detectors, even if you pat them down, you let those people come in there. You had more people come in than you were supposed to. And you allowed them to jump my son. You didn’t protect my son.”

“It is such a shame how much jealousy and envy can make people stoop to such low tactics to try to destroy another individual because of fame and progress,” she said. “When you start getting up there, people start getting intimidated. So, I believe, once his platform started going higher, people started getting upset.”