Allen Payne to Reprise Gee Money Role in ‘New Jack City’ Stage Adaptation, Treach to Star as Nino Brown

New Jack City will be revived on stages around the nation by theatrical hitmaker Je’Caryous Johnson thirty years after its initial debut.

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The Met in Philadelphia will host the world premiere of Johnson’s traveling stage version of the Warner Bros. cult favorite on Nov. 4. Johnson wrote, directed, and produced the stage edition, which is presented by Je’Caryous Johnson Entertainment. During its run, the play will make visits to a number of cities, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Detroit, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. Up until the spring of 2023, more cities are expected to be added.

The cast of Johnson’s NEW JACK CITY LIVE includes critically acclaimed actor Allen Payne, who will reprise his role as “Gee Money,” legendary rapper “Treach,” who will be “Nino Brown,” legendary rapper “Big Daddy Kane,” who plays “Stone,” and actor Flex Alexander, who will take on the role of “Pookie.”


While experiencing classic theater storytelling through the culturally astute lens of Je’Caryous Johnson, NEW JACK CITY LIVE will give audiences across the nation the opportunity to relive all their favorite, intense, heart-pounding moments from the blockbuster movie.

You can learn more about NEW JACK CITY LIVE here.