NBA 2K23 Gives New Layout to ‘The City’ in PS5 and XBOX Series X|S Users

New enhancements for The City in NBA 2K23 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players were announced by 2K today. The City has undergone numerous changes, seamless MyCAREER mode connections, and much more.

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“The City is an incredibly authentic way for players to experience basketball culture. Tying MyCAREER closely with the City lets players truly live out their career in a unique way on their journey to legendary status on and off the court,” said Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA Development at 2K and Visual Concepts. “Community feedback has been key in the new innovations we’ve added and we look forward to players experiencing everything we’ve brought to NBA 2K23 this year.”

The City is a little smaller than in NBA 2K22 to improve the experience, based on community comments. Relocated and transformed into thematic places that genuinely capture the true character of each city, completely redesigned boroughs are included. Fast Travel stations have also been introduced so that you can swiftly move about the city.


The City’s exact center is where gamers can find all of the great content in one central area, the Block, the new mecca of competitiveness. The Theater will be a central location for playing instant matchmaking games in place of the warehouse structures. The four events on the playlist will change every Friday to four new events. If MyPLAYERS can demonstrate they have what it takes to become friends with J. Cole in MyCAREER during their journey to win over the City, they will have access to Dreamville Studio, which was founded by Grammy-nominated musician and producer J. Cole.

The Arena, a brand-new facility to play MyCAREER games, offers a pre-game ambiance with a vast plaza. Players will enter the game, demonstrate their skills in front of the waiting media, accomplish any available tasks, and more before taking questions from the media after the game. The Jordan Challenge Building will give players quick access to the new in-game mode, while the Event Center’s brand-new design and appearance bring a new degree of flair for such an important building.

Players will once more be able to access new content through Seasons and earn rewards without paying additional fees. Seasons will also return to the City, bringing with them a new batch of goodies that may be made every six weeks. More details about Season 1’s upcoming content will be available at launch. More information can be received in the Courtside Report.

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