Eminem Offers to ‘Lace Up Whenever’ During Detroit Lions Drop-in on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

Slim served up some of his “Mom’s Spaghetti” for the players, but he would absolutely not try out a post-game ice bath.

Eminem might be a bit old to just start his gridiron career at 49, but in the latest episode of HBO’s NFL series Hard Knocks, Slim Shady told his home team that he’s down to suit up any time they need him. “I said I’m here for whatever position. I’m here. Any of ‘em. All of ’em,” Em said while hanging on the sidelines at a Detroit Lions practice.

In fact, the sometimes reclusive Marshall said that he’s ready to “lace up whenever” and “go to every game” this season. He’s not too choosy, either, promising the team that, “I’ll stand on the sideline and if you guys need to put me in, put me in. Any position, I’m good. Actually, any position, I’m great.” His offer came about half-way through this week’s season finale of the pre-season chronicle after his 2010 track “Cinderella Man” swelled up during the all-important final roster cuts in training camp.

As the players went through their final drills, Eminem walked up and starstruck quarterback Jared Goff asked a teammate, “You see Slim over there? Shady? He might be on my list of like, ‘holy s–t!’” Dressed in a blue fleece, black Kangol hat and grey jeans, Em held court on the sidelines and talked about being somewhat overconfident in his arm strength.

“You know what’s crazy? You know when you’re just playing catch with someone in the street or whatever,” he said. “You get on a real field and you f–king throw that b—h as far as you can and it’s like 10 yards?” After demonstrating his poor form, Shady watched as Goff threw a perfect dart downfield. “That’s almost as good as me. It’s there, it’s getting there,” he joked about Goff’s toss, noting that if anyone on the field tackled him, “I might f–king die.”

The rapper stuck around for some coach and player introductions and photo ops, telling them that they “have a good team this year,” but demurring when one of the team’s stars offered to do some practice tackling with him. “If I wasn’t wearing these f–king skinny jeans,” Em laughed, telling 6′ 4″ tall Goff “you’re a lot taller than I thought you’d be.”

Head coach Dan Campbell also welcomed the rapper — who was part of the all-star 2022 Super Bowl halftime show alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Anderson .Paak — telling him, “A lot of respect for you. Nobody represents this city more than you do. So it’s a pleasure to have you out here.”

Walking by a player soaking in an ice tub, Em said that was a yard too far for him. “F–k that,” he quipped, “damn, no way I’m getting in there” before visiting the weight room and conference room. He also provided lunch for the team the day he visited, which was, of course, “Mom’s Spaghetti with Rabbit Balls” from his Detroit pasta joint.

Though he’s not best known for his football skills, Marshall is fiercely loyal to all things Detroit: he was named his hometown team’s honorary captain in 2018, when he helped oversee the coin toss during one of their Monday Night Football games. The Lions open their 2022-23 season on Sept. 11 at Ford Field as they take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Check out Em’s visit to Lions practice below.