How Much Did Blac Chyna Make To Become The OnlyFans Queen?

OnlyFans has been a booming business over the years where women have offered exclusive, premium content. Despite the often negative stigma, it provides them the opportunity to be free and present themselves however they see fit. Celebrities have thrown their hats into the OnlyFans ring, and with their massive platforms, there has been some recording revenue that exceeds the million-dollar mark. One in particular is Blac Chyna.

Chyna launched her OnlyFans account in April 2020 and, according to Statista, brought in $20 million per month in 2021. Chyna’s page charges a monthly subscription rate of $19.99 where users can assess a mix of explicit photos and videos. Chyna told Baller Alert in 2020 about what inspired her to begin using the application.

“I’m on OnlyFans so I can support the music because that stuff is not cheap at all,” Chyna said. “Getting studio time, engineers, wardrobe, marketing, I’m using all these different hustles to support that and my kids. That’s the ultimate goal: to keep up their living of how they’re living now. I don’t want to be that parent where they have this now; then, when they get older, they don’t have it … I’m a single Black female supporting my kids.”

Blac Chyna’s 2021 earnings are especially impressive because they exceed that of both Bella Thorne and Cardi B. Thorne earned an estimated $11 million per month, and Cardi earned $9.34 million.

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