Kanye West Wants His Kids To Split Weekly Attendance Between Two California Schools

In a recent episode of Nathan Fielder’s comedy doc The Rehearsal, Fielder and his fake wife have differing thoughts on how to raise their fake child in regards to faith. Fielder is Jewish, but she’s a devout Christian who refuses to bring up their temporary child with Judaism. So Fielder drops the kid off at a Jewish school, only to have his real parents pick him up and take him to his real school, before he returns back to the TV show. Two schools? Seems reasonable only on a twisted reality show like The Rehearsal, but a setup similar to this is what Kanye West is proposing for his kids amid the latest dispute with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, this time about what school their kids should go to.

Kanye West posted on Instagram an “idea” of what he thinks the ideal school setup for his kids would be: To go to the Donda Academy for two days and then spend three days at Sierra Canyon school where Kardashian seems to prefer that they go. For what it’s worth, Sierra Canyon is where LeBron James’ kids attend and where his son Bronny leads the decorated basketball team, but I digress. Because Kanye also proposed an alternative of “3 days at Donda and 2 at Sierra Canyon.” Also adding that this would be “including field trips busing to educational places.”

Kanye has been going on Instagram tirades as of late on the subject. A recent storm of since deleted posts said things like “My kids going to Donda. They not going to Sierra Canyon.” And people feel as if those words were directed at the children’s grandmother, Kris Jenner.

And while the recent “idea” of Kanye’s might make sense to him, one has to imagine what an awkward setup it would be for his children to be shuttled back and forth from one to school to the other on a weekly basis because their parents can’t come to an agreement. He commented on his latest post with “This is co-parenting.” But is Instagram really the place to co-parent? Stay tuned…