Kali Uchis Is Solely Driven By Love On Her New Single, ‘No Hay Ley’

Kali Uchis is tuning out everyone else, except one special interest on her new single, “No Hay Ley.” Over a hypnotic house-inspired dance track, Uchis sings about the “cosas magicas” she wants to do with her lover.

“I wrote this song about putting love above all else,” said Uchis in a statement. “‘En el amor no hay ley’ means ‘there are no laws to love.’ Be with who makes you happy, and don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about it because it wasn’t their business in the first place!”

On the song’s chorus, she sings, “No matter what we do / No matter what they say / No importa lo que digan / Yo te besaré otra vez.” In an echoing refrain, she shuts out all the background noise, repeating, “La-da-di-da-da-do.”

In an interview with Mitu last year, Uchis revealed that she had begun to work on her new album, despite still riding the highs of her breakthrough hit, “Telepatia.” She revealed that the album would tap embrace various aspects of her roots.

“It’s still a lot of Spanglish, but it’s predominantly English,” Uchis said. “My plans are to go back and forth. Make an English album, make a Spanish album, and not limit myself to just one language ever. It’s definitely the body of work that I’m most proud of.”

Check out “No Hay Ley” above.