Kendrick Lamar Was A Writer’s Savior When He Helped Her Take A Huge Kitchen Knife From Her Toddler

Kendrick Lamar says that he’s not anyone’s savior on his new album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, but for one writer, he was apparently a lifesaver when a potentially dangerous situation took place during an interview. When a Twitter user posted a prompt to “tell us a true story from your life that sounds made up,” rock critic and author Jessica Hopper shared her own experience about how Kendrick was a real-life superhero.

“I was doing a phone interview with Kendrick Lamar,” her one-tweet story began. “When my then-toddler son appeared holding a very sharp kitchen knife he did not want to let go of.” Anyone with kids can probably relate to how scary it is when their unknowing little ones get to playing around with dangerous objects. Toddlers can be especially stubborn since they are in a time of their lives when they are learning and testing their own sense of agency but still don’t have any idea that certain things can hurt them.

Fortunately for Hopper, it seems Kendrick knew what to do. “Kendrick talked me through safely disarming him,” she wrote, although the story itself was light on details. Presumably, it involved distracting the wee one long enough to get the sharp and pointy bits of the kitchen tool pointing away from the fleshy bits of both mom and son and depositing said implement in the drawer where it belongs.

The story blew up on Twitter, as the kids say, and the responses range from sharing in Cooper’s relief to sardonic jabs at Stan Twitter. Unfortunately, Kendrick himself isn’t on social media to give more answers, but you can check out some of the best responses below.