Chloe Loved An HBCU Marching Band’s Routine Set To ‘Treat Me’ During A Football Game

Like her mentor, Beyoncé, emerging pop-R&B star Chlöe is also apparently becoming a favorite of HBCU marching bands. During a Saturday night matchup between Alabama State University and Howard University for the MEAC/SWAC Classic, Alabama’s drill team the Honey Beez put on an enthusiastic, gold-clad showcase to Chlöe’s second solo single “Treat Me.” The Honey Beez twirled, twerked, tossed their matching high ponytails, and did the splits as the band turned the uptempo “Treat Me” into a blowout of epic proportions.

When Chlöe saw a clip that had been uploaded to Twitter the next day, she couldn’t contain her love for it. “Ahh, I love this!!” she wrote. “I’ve always wanted to perform my song on the field.”

“Treat Me” peaked at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving the singer her second solo Hot 100 appearance after her solo debut “Have Mercy” managed to climb to No. 28. She later revealed that she wrote the song while going through a breakup. Its spicy video, which was inspired by Grace Jones and Janet Jackson, prompted some fans to joke that she’d doubled down on the overt sexiness of the “Have Mercy” video in response to critics who wanted her to tone it down.

You can see the Alabama State Honey Beez’s routine and Chlöe’s joyous response above.