Is Eminem A Christian?

Eminem has long been open about his past with substance abuse and his road to recovery. Though the traditional twelve-step program requires the person in recovery to put their vices in the hands of a higher power, said higher power doesn’t necessarily have to be the God worshipped and followed by Christians. But a verse on the remix of Kanye West’s 2019 Jesus Is King cut, “Use This Gospel,” which appears on DJ Khaled’s new album, God Did has fans wondering if Eminem follows some form of organized religion.

Is Eminem A Christian?

On the “Use This Gospel” remix, Eminem raps, “My savior, I call on / To rescue me from these depths of despair So these demons better step like a stair / Because He is my shepherd / I’m armed with Jesus / My weapon is prayer.” Toward the end of his verse, which would imply that he might be a Christian. Toward the end of the verse, he says, Bible at my side like a rifle with a God-given gift / Every single day I thank God for / That’s why I pay so much homage / Praises to Jesus, I’ll always.”

Though Eminem does consider himself the “Rap God,” it’s clear that he seeks guidance from a different God. However, it doesn’t seem that Em considers himself to be religious, but rather, spiritual.

Some Christians may find Eminem’s lyrics vulgar and offensive, but he has long been open about his beliefs in God. In a 1996 track called “It’s Ok,” from his first album, Infinite, Em raps “In the midst of this insanity / I’ve found my Christianity / through God and there’s a wish he granted me / He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best / instead of moping depressed.”

While it’s unclear if he still practices Christianity today, he is very open about his relationship with God, and consistently credits God for his recovery.

Check out “Use This Gospel (Remix)” above.