Karol G And Plan B’s Maldy Dance The Night Away In The Sensual ‘Gatúbela’ Video

Karol G and Maldy, one half of the duo Plan B, are here with the sensual video for “Gatúbela.” The record, which translates to “catwoman,” is a vibrant reggaeton record fit for any lengthy summer function. Whether dancing alone or with a partner, there’s an undeniable urge to move your hips once the beat drops.

The video matches that energy, with incessant scenes of couples grinding on one another or women twerking by their lonesome. Many men are shirtless, exposing glistening abs and the “Don’t Be Shy” artist makes sure to share the wealth with a few of them. Maldy opts for a more calm approach to the dance floor, but he is definitely enjoying the ambiance.

The video closes with a man showing scratch marks on his obliques, followed by a transition to a scene where Karol G is running away from something. She finally ends up on a beach covered in blood, and the video finally ends by showing a number of cats walking on a patio.

This video is also the debut of Karol G’s fiery red hair, ushering in a new era of her career in addition to the 2022 single “Provenza.”

Check out the video for “Gatúbela” above.