Kenny Beats Shares The Tracklist For His Debut Album, ‘Louie’

Kenny Beats, who has spent a decade producing for the likes of 03 Greedo, Denzel Curry, Freddie Gibbs, Rico Nasty, Vince Staples, and many, many more, has never put out an album of his own, incredible as it may seem. Despite hosting a popular YouTube series based on his experiences with making beats for his rapper friends in his studio, “The Cave,” all of Kenny’s full-length projects to date have been collaborations with those rappers like FM!, Anger Management, Netflix And Deal, or Unlocked.

However, next week, that changes as Kenny drops his debut album, Louie, which he first began teasing on Twitter and Instagram earlier this month. Today, he made the official announcement, revealing the mysterious “Louie” caption with which he accompanied teasers of new beats is the title of his first-ever solo project, which is due August 31 via XL Recordings. In addition, he shared the cover art and tracklist for the album, which does not appear to contain any features — although he could just be keeping those a surprise for his longtime fans.

You can watch the teasers and check out the Louie tracklist below, and pre-order Louie here.

1. “Leonard”
2. “Parenthesis”
3. “Hold My Head”
4. “So They Say”
5. “Family Tree”
6. “Hooper”
7. “Still”
8. “Moire”
9. “Get Around”
10. “Eternal”
11. “Last Words”
12. “Drop 10”
13. “The Perch”
14. “Really Really”
15. “That Third Thing”
16. “Rotten”
17. “Hot Hand.”