AI Rapper FN Meka Has Signed To Capitol Records, And Hip-Hop Fans Are Not Happy About It

While the idea of having beef with someone who technically doesn’t exist may sound strange, hip-hop fans are sparking several conversations about the state of the genre following the signing of FN Meka to Capitol Records. FN Meka has one billion views and 10 million followers on TikTok. He is also a product of artificial intelligence.

Upon the announcement of his record deal, many have taken to social media to vocalize their chagrin, some saying that this is a result of labels not wanting to set aside big budgets for artists.

“Stupid f*cking precedent has been set,” said Twitter user @Louslocker. “Attack on artists. Labels wanna be cheap and not have to pay real artists so they’re making bots [so] they can keep 100% profit. This sh*t is gross.”

Others have argued that this is unfair to real-life artists, many of whom have spent years working behind the scenes without the support of a major label, only to passed over for what’s technically a robotic entity.

“So you’re telling me Capitol records just gave an AI robot named FN Meka a rap deal before any of my clients????,” said producer D. Shim in a tweet. “He’s not even a human being and got 10 million followers on tik tok. What is the world coming to? Will AI robots replace human creation? I need answers. Like right now.”

Some people would even posit to say that this is a rip-off of other bands and artists who have done something similar.

“Gorilliaz did it first,” said Twitter user @Romoface

If you must, you can check out FN Meka’s new single, “Florida Water,” with Gunna and Clix here.