JID Shares ‘2007’ Featuring His Father, J. Cole, And Dreamville’s President Ibrahim Hamad

JID is officially in album mode with the recent single “Dance Now” featuring Kenny Mason out now and the announcement that The Forever Story is looming. A sad reality for many album cycles comes in the form of difficulties clearing samples, which often hinders the inclusion of certain records entirely or the way the artist would like them to. Today (August 18), in lieu of sample issues on his upcoming album, JID shared “2007,” which was meant to be his album outro, featuring his father, labelmate J. Cole, and Dreamville President Ibrahim Hamad.

The Atlanta rapper primed listeners for the moment by requesting they turn on his post notifications for 8:00 P.M. EST. He then shared multiple promotional videos followed by the official link to “2007.” This is a special release for many reasons, namely the fact his father has a snippet on the song the very same day they are celebrating his birthday.

Additionally, Ib and Cole both speak about discovering JID and how he has evolved over the years. And, of course, JID has yet another impressive display of lyricism and storytelling. The wait for The Forever Story appears it may be more than worth it after this drop.

Check out “2007” above.