Migos Finally Explain Why Takeoff Wasn’t On ‘Bad And Boujee’

The hosts of the Rap Radar podcast are still plugging their upcoming episode with Quavo and Takeoff of Migos. While discussing topics like the duo’s recording processes, it seems that they also got to the bottom of a longstanding Migos mystery that has plagued fans since 2017: Why Takeoff doesn’t appear on the group’s No. 1 hit “Bad And Boujee.” While the question has been asked before, Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller are just higher caliber journalists than Joe Budden and Akademiks, so they were able to get a much more positive response.

In fact, in sharing the clip on Twitter, Wilson seemed to reference the past incident, writing, “Did it look I was too shook to ask the question? Ha.” In the clip, he asks (respectfully), “Was it something about ‘Bad And Boujee’ why you didn’t wanna rap on that beat? Why wasn’t you on that song when it came out?”

This time, rather than popping up to intimidate the questioner, Takeoff left much of the talking to his uncle. “I just think it was just timing,” Quavo replies. “We was just trying to get something out. We was actually pissed off because we ain’t have no music out. I think like a couple months before the whole little wave and we was going through the litigation with 300 [Entertainment, their former label], so we ended up leaking ‘Bad N Boujee’ on SoundCloud first. Sh*t, I wasn’t even gonna be on it. I had to do my verse on some quick fast in a rush sh*t. So it was just like everybody running to the song and trying to get it done.”

So, there you have it. It seems it was all a matter of bad timing and rushing to get the song to market. Sometimes, things just work out, though… “Bad And Boujee” was Migos’ first No. 1 single, making them a household name outside of hip-hop and setting off their pop culture dominance for the next three years. As for whether or not their current duo configuration is temporary or permanent, I suppose we’ll have to wait for the full episode, which drops on August 18.