FBI Report: “Rust” Gun Couldn’t Have Fired Without Trigger Pull, Ruled An Accident

 The gun actor Alec Baldwin was holding in the fatal shooting on the Rust movie set could not have been fired without pulling the trigger. 

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According to an FBI forensic analysis obtained by ABC News, testing of the gun, a .45 Colt revolver, shows it couldn’t have fired without the trigger being pulled.

Baldwin has said he didn’t pull the trigger on the New Mexico set of Rust when cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed in October.  Director Joel Souza was also wounded. 


Baldwin thought he was holding a “cold gun,” which is, one without live ammunition. 

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The New Mexico Medical Investigator’s Office has ruled that Baldwin’s fatal shooting of the cinematographer last year was an accident.

In its report released Monday, the medical investigator’s office said the shooting was accidental because there was no “obvious intent to cause harm or death.”

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