Steve Lacy, Kanye West, And Lil Uzi Vert First Collaboration Together Was Getting Matching Tattoos

A month ago, Kanye West anointed California crooner Steve Lacy “one of the most inspiring people on the planet,” bringing some much deserved attention and praise to Lacy’s new album, Gemini Rights. Obviously, Kanye’s blessing has been a godsend — no pun intended — for many younger artists on the come-up over the years, even if those artists are no longer on speaking terms with the mercurial producer. However, for now, at least, West and Lacy have sealed their bond — alongside Lil Uzi Vert, no less — by getting matching, mismatched tattoos. Lacy posted a pic on Instagram:

To save you the trouble of zooming in, the bicep tattoos all read, “We here forever technically.” The final word is in a different font, metaphorically marking all three artists’ quick-change tendencies; they’re never just one thing. The artist is Los Angeles-based tattooer Mez Afram, whose Instagram is full of straightforward, unadorned designs like butterflies, big cats, and scorpions. Meanwhile, the woman snapping the shot for the three artists is Lauren Pisciotta, a music manager who now works as Kanye’s assistant and has since made the jump to OnlyFans.

Jumping back to Steve Lacy for a moment, the newly-minted star-in-the-making recently announced his upcoming Give You The World Tour, which starts in October, hits 27 cities, and concludes in his hometown on November 11 at the Greek Theatre.