Nicki Minaj Shares Details About Her Upcoming Docuseries, ‘Nicki’: ‘We Have The Month’

The internet has been abuzz with the announcement of new Nicki Minaj music, as well as a six-part docuseries. Following yesterday’s unveiling of the trailer for the docuseries, titled Nicki, several fans have been sharing what they would like to see throughout the six episodes.

In between preparation for the August 12 release of her new single, as well as her upcoming Rolling Loud and OVO Fest performances, Minaj took time to answer questions from the Barbz in a special episode of Queen Radio.

Before going on air, Minaj instructed fans to share questions on Twitter using the hashtags #NickiDocumentary and #FreakyGirl, and also invited them to call in using the Amp app.

Early on in the episode, she admitted that she’s nervous about putting the documentary out in the world.

“It’s extremely scary to share the lows,” Minaj said. “It makes me very proud to know I inspire my fans. And seeing fans that grew up with, still here with me, always makes me emotional, to be honest. I’ll never get over that, ever ever ever. Because y’all guys are the reason. Period.”

During the session, she revealed that each of the Nicki episodes will run an hour long. She also confirmed to a fan that each of the episodes will focus on a different era of her career, and will stream in chronological order. She promised fans that there will be footage from her wedding in the docuseries, as well as footage of her recording her upcoming fifth studio album, which the Barbz have nicknamed NM5.

As for pregnancy footage, “You just gotta wait and see, boo boo,” she said.

While she did not go into details regarding a release date or even a platform on which the documentary will stream, she did revealed that the documentary is coming very soon.

“We have the month that the documentary is coming,” Minaj said. “We do not have the date, but we have the month. It’s going to be a very exciting month for the Barbz. It’s obviously coming out in 2022.”

In regards to music, she also revealed that “‘Freaky Girl’ isn’t actually going to be called ‘Freaky Girl,’” admitting that she wasn’t allowed to use that title.

You can listen to the full episode here.