Drake’s Third Nocta Capsule Collection With Nike Is Available For Sale Now And It Is A Hooper’s Paradise

Anything Drake does makes a huge splash. Whether it be new music, funny Instagram stories, theatrics at basketball games, executive production of films and tv shows, or fashion, the 6 God is guaranteed to make a headline. One of the least polarizing about him has been his fashion partnerships, especially his work with Nike. On July 27, the “God’s Plan” rapper revealed the third capsule of his Nocta collection, which is strictly for the hoopers.

Five days ago, fans got a sneak preview of what to expect in a promotional clip posted to the Official Nocta Instagram page. The video displayed Nike Elite Youth Basketball players showing off their skill on the court while sporting Nocta on-court gear. There was also a banner that read “Nocta Expands The Culture Of Basketball For A New Generation” true to Drake’s affinity for the sport.

This Nocta capsule includes arm sleeves, one-legged compression tights, a reversible Dri-FIT headband, finger sleeves, fleece sweatpants, socks, a basketball, and much more. If that isn’t enough to draw in new buyers, the slogan certainly will as it sounds like a Drake lyric: “Sometimes you. Sometimes me. Always us.”

The third Nocta capsule collection is now available for purchase here and here. Check out the promotional video above and close-ups of the pieces below.