RZA’s Alter Ego Bobby Digital Shares The Vulnerable ‘Troubleshooting’ From His Graphic Novel Soundtrack

While The RZA by himself is an indelible part of hip-hop history, he has also created an alter ego for himself by the name of Bobby Digital. The name previously appeared in the title of his 1998 debut album Bobby Digital In Stereo and, under the alias, he has released a few solo albums. This week, Digital is back with the new track “Troubleshooting” which appears on the Wu-Tang Clan member’s soundtrack for his upcoming graphic novel Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes.

“Troubleshooting” has a smooth guitar solo opening before the drums and cymbals join the mix. A soulful vocalist belts out “Trouble keeps on finding me, the man trying to take my time / Keeping me from love I need, that’s why I got to take what’s mine / I feel it in my spine.” The tune definitely feels more like jazz or an old ballad than what people may expect seeing The RZA’s name associated, but it simply shows how versatile the legendary artist is.

The graphic novel soundtrack consists of eight total songs and no featured artists.

Check out “Troubleshooting” above.

The soundtrack for Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes is available now via 36 Chambers. Listen here.