ICYMI: Kevin Gates Admits To Sleeping with a Relative Even After Finding Out They’re Blood

Kevin Gates confirmed again he likes to keep it in the fam. He recently admitted for the second time to sleeping with his cousin and continuing to do so even after finding out they’re related.

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In an interview with Yung Mami for the Caresha Please podcast, Miami asks him straight up if it was true. The “Twerk” rapper questioned, “Did you really f**k your cousin?”

The 36-year-old Baton Rouge native responded by saying his grandmother told him that this woman was his cousin but he didn’t care and continued to date her for three years. Gates explained, “She pulled me to the side and said, ‘baby, that’s your cousin.’ I ain’t ’bout to stop!”


He said they had a good thing going and why mess it up. Gates initially revealed his unconventional relationship back in 2015.

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