Rick Ross Is Starting A Podcast And Asks Fans To Help Name It

These days it seems like everyone either has a podcast or will have a podcast soon — especially rappers. Whether it’s viewed as a post-rap career pivot or simply another revenue stream to tap into, it seems more and more recording artists are following Joe Budden and NORE into the podcasting game. While some, like Nicki Minaj and Fat Joe use their platforms to discuss whatever’s on their minds at the time, others such as Uproxx’s own Talib Kweli or Open Mike Eagle, bring on special guests to discuss their careers and current hot topics online.

The next rapper to join the trend will apparently be Rick Ross, who woke up with the idea on his mind, sharing his plans with his 15.5 million followers on Instagram via an Instagram Story. Strutting around his massive mansion in a Versace bathrobe, Ross said, “I woke up, just had a beautiful idea. A boss idea. I’m a start a podcast. Deadass serious.” After chuckling a bit, he offered fans a chance to participate in the process by suggesting names for the show. “If I decide to use your name, guess what. I’m a bless you with the holy trinity.” Unfortunately, rather than a percentage of future royalties or anything like that, the “trinity” turned out to be a quartet of bottles of Ross’ various liquors: sparkling win Luc Belaire, Villon Liqueur, Bumbu Rum, and the elaborately named gin, McQueen And The Violet Fog. I’d say, if you win, do a little negotiation — or hang onto those bottles in case they’re worth money someday.