A Video Of Boosie Going Off On Police During A Traffic Stop Is Going Viral

It’s been a big week (month, really) for rappers going off on police officers. Maybe it’s a little bit of payback for the seemingly constant surveillance and harassment hip-hop artists have endured from the authorities, or perhaps the outcry against prosecutors for focusing on rappers’ lyrics in cases like those against Young Thug and YoungBoy Never Broke Again has emboldened them. Either way, we’ve seen a growing boom in videos of rappers reacting to being arrested — or intervening in others’ arrests — and the latest to inadvertently join this trend is Baton Rouge’s Boosie Badazz.

In a video currently going viral on Twitter, Boosie can be seen handcuffed during a traffic stop in Georgia and really laying into the officers detaining him. “I can’t be going through this though, bro,” he exclaims. “It’s harassment, it’s every day. I can’t even live. I moved to the country to f*ckin’ live, bro.” He also seems to threaten the officers with both physical altercation and legal action, while pointing out that they seemingly have no good reason for pulling him over in the first place. “Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right,” he says. “You f*cking motherf*ckers are targeting my vehicles.”

According to TMZ, the original source of the video, Boosie and his driver were pulled over for tinted windows and concealed tags. The officers claim they smelled marijuana, searched the car, and found a plastic bag with weed in it. Eventually, he was cited and the weed was confiscated but he was released.

The video doesn’t paint Boosie in the best light, despite having a legitimate claim about possible harassment, but at least he’s yelling about someone actually bothering him — unlike the other times he’s gone viral in recent years.