Styles P Cussed Out Cops Arresting A Woman Outside His Juice Bar In Yonkers

It goes without saying that cops are highly distrusted by many communities, namely the Black community, due in part to their wrongful arrests and murders over the last near-decade. While hope for change in this regard is all but lost, people also fear speaking up and potentially becoming the next person we mourn. Thankfully, Styles P is not one of those people. Yesterday, a video of The LOX member spewing profanities at cops aggressively handling a woman outside of his juice bar, Juices For Life, surfaced on TikTok.

Styles can be heard calling one of the cops a “whole b****,” encouraging the woman to loosen up for fear of injury, and calling another cop “a f****** hoe.” As one of the officers approached the rapper, he assured the cop he would back up and not to touch him. “You slammed a girl! For no reason,” he stated and even pointed out that one of the cops was reaching for his gun as they attempted to arrest the woman. Thankfully the situation did not escalate into anything more.

Upon the TikTok going viral, Styles P later took to his Instagram to address the situation. He admitted he got hot-headed but did not excuse the cops for their use of force, especially against a woman. “I don’t hate cops, I hate the mistreatment of poor people,” Styles said. “I hate mistreatment of poor Black people. I hate the mistreatment of poor Spanish people. Even poor white people in the hood, I hate the fact that it’s easy to throw cops in the neighborhood that’ll get a benefit, a salary with a bunch of people that they have no idea how it works.”

He even broadened the issue to the system at large, saying he doesn’t want to see the cops lose their job. Styles P is just one of many to acknowledge the flawed justice system, and while his influence may not be enough to make change any time soon, he at least stood his ground outside of his beloved establishment.

Watch the video of the arrest and Styles P’s subsequent Instagram statement above.