Danny Brown Says Ninja From Die Antwoord Sexually Assaulted Him: ‘He Know I Ain’t Lying!’

Danny Brown recently appeared on Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer’s 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast, and during the conversation, which in total lasted for an hour and 15 minutes, the Detroit rapper made a shocking allegation. He accused Ninja, who is one-half of the South African hip-hop duo Die Antwoord, of sexually assaulting him after one of Brown’s past shows in Paris. Brown told Segura that Ninja messaged him about meeting up after the show, and instead, Brown offered to put his name on the guest list, but Ninja declined. “[He’s like,] ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll find you,’” Brown said. “That was weird, that was like one red flag.”

Brown says he eventually did meet up with Ninja and was soon “freaked out” by his behavior. “I was a single, experimenting man at the time, but he was too aggressive!” Brown said. “He sat on my lap and started trying to kiss me and sh*t and doing weird sh*t. I’m like, ‘Man, you tripping!’”

He continued, “Ninja tried to f*ck me. I was scared … … He always throw Yolandi on you. I think that’s how he’s been f*cking n****s. F*ck them, though! F*ck them. I could’ve canceled cuz. MeToo. I was sexually assaulted by Ninja. He know I ain’t lying!”

Brown added that Ninja refused to stop attempting to make a move on him. Additionally, Ninja told him that he would find out where his hotel was. “That’s what started making me pound drinks because I’m like, ‘I might have to stab this n**** tonight,’” Brown said. He added, “Because if this n**** knock on my hotel room door, bro, I’m the stabbing the sh*t — it’s gonna be a big deal. It’s gonna be a thing. That would’ve been a fight, but I’m in Paris. Who want to be in a Parisian jail? N****, do you know what jail is like for me in Paris? It’s gonna be crazy. So I’m shellshocked, like, ‘This n****’s really doing this?’”

You can watch the full episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave in the video above.