SpotemGottem Has Been Arrested After A Jet Ski Chase

SpotemGottem is known for getting in trouble. The Jacksonville, FL rapper, whose real name is Nehemiah Harden, has been arrested after a jet ski chase. According to NBC Miami, Miami police tried to pull Harden over when he was speeding on a jet ski. Needless to say, he did not pull over. When the cops caught him, he was charged with reckless operation of a boat and fleeing police.

Last year, the “Beat Box” star was arrested by US marshalls on firearm violations and aggravated assault. He and several of his friends broke the gate at a parking garage in Miami and reportedly threatened someone who tried to stop them — the story doesn’t make clear whether this was a passerby or the garage attendant — with a semi-automatic weapon. He was granted an $18,500 bond.

A few months after that incident, he was shot multiple times while driving on the I-95. He told police he was being driven south on the highway when someone in another car began shooting at his car, hitting his driver in the hip and wounding Spotem, who was sitting in the passenger seat, in both legs. The report said at least 22 shots were fired, likely from an automatic weapon.