Nipsey Hussle’s Suspected Killer Was Reportedly Beaten Up After Leaving Court

The murder trial against Nipsey Hussle’s suspected killer, Eric Holder, was delayed today as Holder was unable to appear in court while receiving medical treatment after being assaulted in jail, according to Rolling Stone. Holder was apparently attacked sometime after leaving court on Monday, June 27, sustaining serious enough injuries to keep him out of court today — and possibly even longer, with Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke warning jurors that they might expect further delays. Otherwise, they’ll be expected back in court on Wednesday for Holder’s last two witnesses.

They’ll be deciding on a charge of first-degree murder; Holder’s defense hinges on whether or not his attack on Nipsey Hussle at the Marathon Clothing store counts as “premeditated.” Prosecutors argued that, as Holder left the store following his confrontation with Nipsey over his reputation as an alleged snitch, then returned with a loaded gun, he fully intended to shoot and kill the entrepreneurial rapper. However, if jurors agree with Holder’s defense that the crime was not premeditated based on the evidence provided, then he may get off on a technicality, as he should have been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Holder is also charged with attempted murder since two bystanders were also struck. He’s pled not guilty to all charges. If convicted, Holder could face life in prison. Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday, after which the jurors will deliberate. In the meantime, Holder is supposed to be kept away from the general population of the jail; it’s currently unclear how he was attacked yesterday or the extent of his injuries.