MEGAFAUNA is finally here: REGALJASON’s Phenomenal Debut EP Is Now Out

Original, authentic and impactful artists such as REGALJASON are very rare to find, not only in music, but in the art world! His latest creation comes with his long awaited debut EP called MEGAFAUNA, an outstanding performance by the talented artist.

The six track collection embodies all the expressions REGALJASON wanted to outkast while having distinct and meaningful underlying messages in each song. Composed like a musical story, the genius singer creates an ambience that takes any listener away and when they come back to reality, they’re more joyous, informed and wiser. 

The multi-talented REGALJASON is a true gem amongst his peers as there aren’t any other musicians whose work can be compared to his. Enjoy his debut EP MEGAFAUNA while keeping an eye out on one of the rising pop stars in the music industry.

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